Engineering / New York

Financial Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented software engineer with experience working in the financial industry to join our new US operations.


We are building the future of data and reporting for financial markets, and we are taking all industry stakeholders with us.

We have secured some high-profile client including top-tier investment banks, law firms and standard-setting bodies.

What you'll do day to day
  • Be responsible for taking requirements through to delivery, working across the entire stack and presenting to industry working groups
  • Work with clients to build and enhance product and event models for Securities, Derivatives, Commodities and FX
  • Shape the future of the regulatory landscape by building and managing Regulatory rules contributed by the industry
  • Build on the Rosetta modelling language (Rosetta DSL), its wider SDK, tools and code generators
  • Work on cutting edge technologies to create cloud native apps, such as our online Rosetta code editor
What we're looking for
  • Strong financial product knowledge in at least one of the areas: Securities, Derivatives, Commodities, FX
  • Strong Java 11+ experience
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Experience and/or comfort with working in a TDD environment
  • Proactivity and a genuine desire for taking ownership
  • An analytical mind with strong problem-solving capabilities
Extra things we'd love to see (non-essential)
  • Experience with financial regulatory implementations
  • Experience with one or more of GCP, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience building a system that is highly scalable, available and secure
  • Experience with writing DSLs, code generators and other language features
  • Experience with a continuous integration and deployment environment
  • Front office investment banking experience

Our Technology

Our technology combines cutting-edge cloud-computing and the power of open source software. It enables firms to collaborate to build and share data pipelines across the industry.

Rosetta is a language and SDK to build data models. With Rosetta we can define classic entity-relationships, but its power lies in its rich syntax for validation rules, data bindings and map-reduce abstractions that allows to build an end-to-end data processing pipeline. So that clients can use Rosetta with their language of choice, we can automatically code generate into Java or Python or Scala or GoLang or Javascript or … well you get the idea.
Our cloud-native platform is being used by financial institutions to embed these open-source data models into their own production reporting systems to perform stream or batch processing. Key to compliance applications is to give transparency to users over their data pipelines. That means baking in processing transparency into our infrastructure from day one and giving users (and ourselves!) an intuitive UI to drill into what is happening at every stage of the pipeline.
Financial markets are fast paced and the volume of transactions reaches easily into the 100,000s each day, so our technology needs to scale. The sensitive nature of the data being handled means our services need to be secure and offer high availability.
Currently we are using: mostly Java 11 (moving the 17 soon!), Docker, Kubernetes, Google Compute Platform, RESTful server APIs, Maven, GitHub, Codefresh, Artifactory, Auth0, Linux, xText, xTend, Angular, Typescript, Eclipse Plugin Development, D3 Graphics, npm.
There’s also scope to pick the stack for the new large-scale product that we are looking to build.

Our Engineering Approach

We fully embrace open source technologies, which we leveraged ourselves to build Rosetta.

In terms of tech stack - the world is our oyster! We can use any tech we want - as long as it supports our platform. Preferring flexibility, we favour best-in-class technologies. We promote a right tool for the right job culture. This means we try to keep our work flexible, too.
We use Agile development but are not dogmatic about specific parts of Agile. We believe it allows us to create better software by brings the users and developers closer together.
We love quick development cycles and that means we invest in our CI/CD infrastructure. We define our build in code, and builds are kicked off on every GitHub push. For pipelines that create deployable Docker images, those are automatically deployed onto our auto-sizing Kubernetes clusters.
We love writing software and solving problems, not just applying security patches to build servers. That’s why we use Helm charts to package out deployments, Codefesh as out Dev Ops platform, Artifactory to host our binaries, and Google Cloud Platform to host everything else.
We commit to driving innovation in the industry and have participated in the FCA Tech Sprint (Nov 2017), the Accenture Innovation Lab (2018), the ING Fintech Village (2018) and Allen & Overy’s Fuse (2018-2020). We also sat on the judging panel at the Barclays #DerivHack (Nov 2018 and 2019) and won the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Innovation Hub G20 TechSprint (2020).
  • Engineering
  • Remote / New York
  • $80-100k


  • Pension plan (statutory)
  • Share options
  • Flexible remote / office working

Video Insights from The Engineering Team

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Why work at REGnosys

We are a passionate, high⁠-⁠performing bunch and we also like having a blast along the way.​​

What we'll offer you
  • A team of passionate and experienced engineers who like getting stuff done while having fun along the way
  • An opportunity to develop cutting-edge software in an open-source-first framework
  • Freedom to leverage best-in-class solutions and influence technology choices
  • Competitive pay, no red tape, no politics
  • A participation into the company’s success through equity incentive at all levels
  • A team who genuinely values individual well-being and embraces flexible working practices
Note on flexible working
Being flexible about how people work is important to us. The team all have years of experience and most of us have young families so we all know what it’s like juggling work and family life. During the pandemic, the team has operated fully virtually and has been just as productive in person or remotely.