Financial Institutions

Trade processing, redefined

Automate and control how you process all your trade data across the transaction lifecycle

  • Total Control

    Bring your operational risk back under control. Reclaim end⁠-⁠to⁠-⁠end auditability of your critical data requirements

  • Go Fast

    Be up and running with live applications in a matter of days or weeks, not months

  • Power to the user

    Empower your internal users with dynamic and interactive technology

What our clients are saying

  • REGnosys' Rosetta solution provides a transformative approach to how we normally run our regulatory change programmes, allowing us to leverage industry's best practices directly and cut costs.

    Leading European Bank

    Chief Data Officer

  • So, this is how transaction reporting should be done.

    Large European Bank

    Head of Regulatory Reporting

Going through your umpteenth audit?

From regulatory reporting to the broader trade lifecycle processing, REGnosys is helping firms redefine what data automation really means

Reporting Audit

First, map your data into CDM...

We have it covered it. All it takes is a +/- 2-day immersion workshop with your tech team to build your mappings.
As a by-product, you get a ready-to-use API to convert all your trade data

… And access your audit results on-line…

Once your trade data have been mapped, our reporting engine compares its output to your reports and analyses any discrepancy.
Analysis is developed within 6 weeks and results published into a web application.

… Through a powerful user interface

Forget static audit reports that end-up on a shelf.
Our reporting engine is available on-demand to reconcile your reporting process end-to-end and down to single trade flow, through a fully interactive interface.
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