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  • 8 September 2022

ISDA, ICMA and ISLA Appoint FINOS for CDM Repository

REGnosys CEO, Leo Labeis, shares his thoughts on the news that FINOS has been selected by ISDA, ICMA and ISLA to provide an open-source repository for the Common Domain Model (CDM): 


“Securing an open-source repository for the CDM is an important step in the project’s evolution. Crucially, it will foster greater collaboration between the industry community in the move to standardise trade processing. 


“Having hosted the CDM since 2018, REGnosys is proud of the part we’ve played in the CDM’s development. We’re hugely supportive of the decision to select FINOS as the longer-term residency of the CDM and have invested in the project’s infrastructure to make it ready for this next iteration.” 


Read the full announcement here.


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