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  • Wednesday 27th July 2022

Meet the team: Payal Khanna

Payal joined the REGnosys team in June 2022 as a Financial Software Engineer. Here, she talks about her role and helping financial institutions address their regulatory compliance issues.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at REGnosys

I am a migrant from Afghanistan and came to the UK seeking refuge. Coming from a war zone country embarking on the journey of freedom and education has helped shape my life immensely. I graduated in Computer Science and worked as a software engineer, building and enhancing products that have helped financial institutions in performing their day-to-day activities within the capital markets and Wealth Management sectors.

As a Financial Software Engineer at REGnosys, I am part of the team developing our Rosetta platform, which helps financial services industry meet their regulatory compliance requirements. As the platform grows in the coming year, we aim to expand its functionality and continue to deliver increasing value.

Why did you choose to work at REGnosys?

I liked their idea of creating a platform to help the financial services industry solve their regulatory reporting challenges. In particular, I wanted to play a role in providing a standardised solution, which industry experts themselves contribute to, reducing the duplication of efforts required in data analyses. The fact that REGnosys is a small start-up gives me a lot of exposure within the financial services industry and I can see myself growing both professionally and personally as part of their team.

A day in the life – what’s your typical working day like?

It’s a hybrid role with two to three days in office and the rest remote. I find there is no such thing as a typical working day the role and duties vary greatly, from training to development and new releases – with many more to come with time.

REGnosys in 5 years – where do you see yourself and the company then?

With major changes ahead in the regulatory space within Europe and worldwide, I see greater heights for both REGnosys and myself