Integration as a Service

Hassle⁠-⁠free, self⁠-⁠service integration

Deploy data applications at speed instead of wasting time integrating them

REGnosys accelerates your adoption journey by making it easy to build and maintain mappings as a self-service. We provide a single-point, universal API to translate your data based on your unique translation dictionary.

Financial Institutions

Deploy trade processing services and applications at speed, instead of wasting time integrating them

Market Infrastructure

Scale the deployment of new services to your clients by speeding-up their integration

Customer Journey

Discover integration minus the hassle

CDM Integration

Customer Journey

Discover integration minus the hassle

CDM Integration

Our promise: 48/6/10

A demonstrable prototype in less than 48 hours, a working application within 6 weeks, and a 10X acceleration of your integration work to make you self⁠-⁠sufficient

  • Workshop / Clinic

    The best way to start transforming your data management approach:

  • Build

    Our cross⁠-⁠functional team of data engineering experts is at hand to help build your first model⁠-⁠based application

  • Self-service

    Forget the proof⁠-⁠of⁠-⁠concept graveyard – Become self⁠-⁠ sufficient and build for real fast using Rosetta

CDM Integration

We do the data mappings for you…

Just extract transaction data from your booking, reporting or any other systems, we handle the rest.
We build mappings in immersion with your tech team, as a packaged +/- 2-day workshop that includes valuable CDM training – and is fun (yes, really)!

… And deliver you a packaged output…

Forget data mapping spreadsheets and forget hard-coded translation buried deep into your code base.
What you get is a transparent, maintainable CDM translation dictionary, automatically packaged into an API to translate your internal trade messages.

… Which you can start using right away

Start using the API for testing right away. For production deployment, we offer a range of hosting options that adapt to your technology stack.
The application grows with you. Just edit your dictionary to connect more and more systems to CDM.
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