• Insight
  • Tuesday 26th September 2023

Hugo Hills promoted to Vice President of Engineering at REGnosys

We are excited to share some fantastic news – Hugo Hills has been promoted to Vice President of Engineering at REGnosys!

Hugo has been an invaluable part of REGnosys’s engineering team for over 5 years. He consistently provides outstanding leadership, technical skills, and an unwavering commitment to the team. His dedication to innovation, problem-solving, and mentorship not only contributes to our success but also provides constant inspiration to other team members. 

In his previous role as Senior Software Engineer, Hugo has played a central role in helping REGnosys achieve several key milestones:

> Creating and developing the Rosetta DSL (Domain-Specific Language), now used by hundreds of industry members to develop the Common Domain Model (CDM) and Digital Regulatory Reporting (DRR).  

> Navigating the migration of CDM to FINOS. Receiving the badge of honour from an open-source foundation demonstrates that what Hugo and the team built was robust and industry-ready after years of hard work.

> Taking on the development of DRR and adoption by clients. DRR's development was no picnic either and came with a steep learning curve. The ultimate victory came when clients put it to work to report data to regulators in production – one of the financial industry’s most sensitive processes.

These achievements alone showcase not just Hugo's technical excellence but also his knack for tackling the complexities of our industry and making real-world impacts.

With this promotion, Hugo is stepping up to further shape the future of our engineering department and drive our commercial success. We are excited to see the impact he will have in his new leadership role.