• Insight
  • Wednesday 25th October 2023

Meet the team: Sinead Russell

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at REGnosys.

Hello! I’m the Office and HR Manager at REGnosys. I also dabble in a bit of bookkeeping and ops. I create, formalise and implement administrative, HR and operational processes, oversee the recruitment of new staff, issue contracts for clients and employees, as well as a few other fun things! 

What do you see as your main priority in your role?

In my role as the Office, HR, and Operations Manager, my main priority is to ensure the seamless functioning of our start-up. I see my role as a facilitator of growth and success for our company. This means my primary focus is on three key areas: 

i) Operational efficiency - establishing processes and workflows that reduce any bottlenecks that could hinder operations. 

ii) Talent Management and Development - attracting and retaining top talent is crucial. I prioritise creating a positive and engaging work environment for our talent as well as helping to develop team members’ skills and careers. 

iii) Compliance and Risk Management - maintaining legal and regulatory compliance in the business from HR policies to office safety.  

Ultimately, my overarching goal is to provide the necessary support and infrastructure that allows our team to focus on its core responsibilities and drive our start-up toward its goals.

Why did you choose to work at REGnosys?

Start-ups have a unique dexterity and creativity that I find appealing. In this role, I can help shape and refine HR and other operations from the ground up, implementing innovative solutions to HR challenges that larger, more established companies might struggle with. Additionally, I chose to work at REGnosys because I believe the company values its staff; REGnosys wants to see the employees succeed in what they’re interested in.

In my interview, I was asked about what I want to do in the future and how the company could help me use this role to get to where I want to go. Being an HR Manager at a start-up like REGnosys provides me with an opportunity to take on significant responsibilities and lead initiatives I feel strongly about. I see it as a chance to grow both professionally and personally, expanding my leadership skills and opportunities in a fast-paced environment. 

What is a cool project that you’re working on now?

I’ve just implemented a handbook, series of policies, employee perks, and reporting procedures, in addition to exploring an office move for the company which will hopefully be finalised in the next few weeks. As the company continues to grow, I have also been welcoming new starters to their first 90 days at REGnosys and making sure they’re set up for success in their roles and integrating comfortably and confidently into the business. Another project I’m working on is getting an HRIS implemented to streamline HR, administrative, operational, and talent acquisition processes.