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  • Wednesday 12th July 2023

REGnosys partners with Next Tech Girls to support women in tech

REGnosys is extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Next Tech Girls. 

Next Tech Girls is a multi-award-winning, tech-focused social enterprise working to tackle the issues of skills and gender gaps that exist in today’s working environment. With the strapline ‘Smash the Stereotype’, Next Tech Girls champions diversity and inclusion in the workplace, hosting a wide range of tech-focused events and educational initiatives for teenage girls with a focus on those from lower income or ethnic minority backgrounds.

Alarmingly, only 26% of the tech industry in the UK are women: a statistic that Next Tech Girls is working hard to correct. Next Tech Girls provides opportunities and support to thousands of girls seeking to enter the tech sector.  

Since 2016, Next Tech Girls has provided over 3,000 tech-focused work experience opportunities to girls in the UK, with 96% of placement participants motivated to pursue a career in the tech sector. Furthermore, more than 250 schools across the UK have partnered with Next Tech Girls to provide guidance for girls considering pursuing a career in tech. 

Earlier this month, Next Tech Girls was invited to 10 Downing Street to participate in a breakfast roundtable on widening participation in STEM careers. The discussion was led by Baroness Diana Barran, Minister for the School System and Student Finance at the Department of Education, and included representatives from Google's Google DeepMind, techUK, Colorintech and Tech She Can

Tackling the prevalence of gender inequality in the tech sector is a top priority for REGnosys, and we aim to reiterate our focus through our partnership with Next Tech Girls. As we strive to shape a world where a career in technology is accessible to the many, not the few, REGnosys is excited to work with Next Tech Girls on this shared goal.  

Commenting on the partnership, REGnosys Chief Executive and Founder, Leo Labeis, said: “It is vital to acknowledge the hard truths about the issue of gender inequality in the tech industry to tackle the problem at its core. Having increased the number of women at the firm from zero to four since the start of 2022, REGnosys has recognised the gaps that needed to be filled and made diversity and inclusion a central business priority. 

“As a small, tech start-up, it has never been easy to offer the types of perks that are important in attracting and retaining women. However, by proactively working with recruiters to articulate our hiring drive and putting a referral programme in place, amongst other measures, we are proud to have made great strides in establishing more equal gender representation. Partnering with Next Tech Girls will support REGnosys on this journey, as we look to cement and bolster our long-term DEI drive.”  

Emily Hall-Strutt, Director of Next-Tech Girls, said: “Over the past year we’ve gone from strength to strength in inspiring the next generation of women in tech, organising placements for over 100 girls across the UK and engaging more than 2,500 through our online events which were launched last October. Partnering with REGnosys represents another crucial milestone in our mission of breaking down barriers for girls and young women to embark on a career in tech. As we look to expand our impact throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond, we’re excited to be working with REGnosys in fostering a culture where technology reflects the needs and perspectives of everyone in society.”

For more information on Next Tech Girls and its crucial work, click here.

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