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  • 22 February 2023

Global Fintech Investment in 2023 – Why the Industry Remains Optimistic Following a Tough 2022

Speaking to The Fintech Times, Regnosys CEO, Leo Labeis, explains how the current tightening economic environment will bolster fintech propositions that address a genuine market need:


“A tightening economic environment weans out business models that do not hold real value, and in the long run will bolster fintech propositions that address defined problems and genuine market need. With spending on regtech set to triple by 2026 alone, this challenging period for fintech will not derail the innovations that are poised to make a game-changing difference to our financial sector.” 


Despite 2022 being a difficult year for the industry as a whole, regtech was the only sector that bucked the downward trend, as investment grew from $11.8billion in 2021 to $18.6billion in 2022.

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